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Notes for installation of truck tail plate

2020-11-02 14:33:59

Use of truck tail plate _ Installation of truck tail plate _ Nowadays, most of the large trucks you see on the road are loaded with truck tail plate, so do you need to install the truck tail plate? I'm sure many of you are not clear about it, but the installation of tail plates on main vehicles is conducive to professional loading, unloading, and handling work, so as to greatly improve the efficiency and safety of loading, unloading, and handling. At present, gas transportation, sanitation demolition, metal mold, logistics and transportation industries have been widely used. The loading and unloading of a truck with a tailgate can be done without restrictions on site, equipment or manpower, and even standard loading and unloading can only be done by a single driver. It can greatly improve the efficiency of transportation and safe loading and unloading, and is one of the modern logistics transportation equipment.


Points to note when installing truck tail plate:

1, to pay attention to the big truck is not already on the license plate, it is common sense not on the license plate of the car can not get on the road.

2. Pay attention to the working voltage of large trucks, 12 or 24 volts. Different models and specifications of truck tail plates must be matched with each other.

3. Pay attention to the beam width of the truck.

4. Pay attention to the outside width of the truck, especially the outside width of the van.

5. Pay attention to the plane height of the truck, especially the plane height of the van, which refers to the plane on which you load and unload the goods.

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