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Notes for wing opening van

2020-09-12 17:29:50

1. Open wings open van carriage before must put the side look at the bottom of the spring hanger loose, or a press button after you open wing van is rising much already deformation, why can I say, that's not to say that people's quality of open wing van is very poor, in one fell swoop deformation, that due to the open wing box two hydraulic cylinder, on the edge of the car is to rely on hydraulic props, this energy is quite big, without opening your hook because two energy involved will cause deformation compartment.

2. Do not start the car or move the car under the condition that the wing opening compartment is not closed, although sometimes there is no problem, but people should develop a good habit from the beginning. It is a very risky operation to move a wing-open van without being closed. If the side panels of the van collide with the building, the adverse effects are unpredictable.

3. When opening or closing the wing and opening the van, the upper and lower sides must be embedded with sufficient interior space to prevent interference with the side panels on both sides. In addition, do not stand within the circuit scope of the side panels to prevent damage.

4. Be sure to lock the yellow hooks on both sides of the closed wing after opening the boxcar, so as not to cause economic damage due to carelessness.

5. The staff of the electric forklift truck should pay attention to the speed of the forklift truck. There is no need to hit the wing too hard to open the van board.

6. After the wing opening van is applied for a period of time, check whether the anchor bolts of each connection position are loose and tighten them immediately

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