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Advantages of automobile tail plate and matters needing attention

2020-09-12 17:29:50

Tail plate also known as the car crane tail plate, car loading and unloading tail plate, lifting tail plate, hydraulic truck tail plate is installed in the car and a variety of vehicles behind the hydraulic lifting loading and unloading equipment. It can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, more effective and safer than manual handling. At present, China's lifting car tail plate has been used in various fields. There are also many kinds of hydraulic pressure on the tail plate of the car, which can adapt to the different needs of various models.

Advantages of truck tail plate:

1. Economy: Installing a tail plate can save 2-3 porters and greatly reduce labor costs.

2. Fast: The tail plate can be lifted and lowered by the operation button, and then goods can be transferred easily between the ground and the carriage.

3. Safety: The loading and unloading of cargo using the tail plate of the car becomes easy without manual labor, which avoids the damage to the cargo in the loading and unloading process and the injury caused by improper manual operation. Especially for the special transport vehicles with dangerous goods, the tail plate is safer and more reliable.

4. Efficiency: The loading and unloading of the tail plate are not limited by the site and personnel. A person can complete the loading and unloading, save resources, improve efficiency, and can play a good role in the economic benefits of the vehicle.

5. Labor saving: one person can easily load and unload about two tons of goods, which greatly reduces labor intensity and makes loading and unloading more humanized.


(1) The tail plate of a car can only be operated and maintained after it has been trained. Personnel without training shall not operate without authorization.

(2) When the tail plate is working, no one is allowed to enter the working area. Please pay attention to the safe distance.

(3) The tail plate must be operated with both hands when opening and closing the door. Press the up or down buttons while holding down the Grab button.

(4) If the tailgate runs the vehicle in the open state, the cargo may fall or collide. When you are done, make sure that the tail plate is tucked away and locked.

(5) When the tail plate is used to load and unload cargoes or containers with wheels, in order to prevent the cargoes from falling off the edge of the platform accidentally, a stop device with a height of no less than 50mm should be installed under the wheel of the cart.

(6) Do not stand on the tail plate for lifting operation. When this operation is required, attention must be paid to personnel drop and safety.

(7) Loading goods at the end of the plate at 300mm (the red warning line on the plate) will cause the plate to tilt. Accidents of falling goods shall be prohibited

(8) The quality of the goods shall not exceed the limit deadweight. The deadweight varies according to the loading position. Please refer to the loading chart for the position of the weight and the specified weight.

(9) Please do not tilt the board when loading to avoid the goods sliding down; Do not adjust the Angle of the board during loading.

(10) It is forbidden to use the tail plate in places with large slope, uneven ground and obstacles.

(11) Electric forklift is strictly prohibited to use the tail plate to load and unload goods.

(12) The goods should be as close to the root of the platform as possible (not beyond the platform). In order to prevent the cargo from falling, the load on the tail plate should be even and unilateral load should not be allowed.

(13) When operating the tail plate, please ensure that the hands and feet are clamped

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