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The classification and advantage of the lifting platform with scissors

2020-09-12 17:29:50

Shear fork lifting platform with the human demand for vertical transport equipment, now most of the lifting platform using hydraulic and pneumatic, which hydraulic lifting platform because of stable rise and fall, small volume, large power supply, easy to move, small working environment restrictions and other advantages are widely used.

Cutting fork lifting platform is a kind of people or goods to a height of the mechanical equipment, a relatively simple structure of lifting equipment machinery, it has a large lifting force, large lifting area, stable lifting, low noise, easy to operate, simple maintenance, and can stop in any position within the lifting range. It is widely used in many industries such as warehouse, dock, automatic production line, etc. It can be used as a kind of lifting machinery for personnel climbing work and vertical transportation of goods.

Cutting fork lifting platform Classification:

According to the mode of movement is divided into fixed, self-propelled, vehicle-mounted,

Fixed shear fork lift can be divided into fixed single fork lift platform and fixed double fork lift platform is a lifting stability, a wide range of products, it is mainly used in the workshop between the height of the production line between the goods, transport goods, materials, assembly line, the workpiece used in the assembly time to adjust the height of the workpiece and equipment.

In order to improve the mobility of the lifting platform, the lifting platform is fixed on the car and powered by the car engine. There is no need to attach additional power equipment outside, so as to realize the lifting function of the vehicle-mounted lifting platform. This way can be adapted to work in the air inside and outside the factory area.

Full self - cutting fork lift is also called mobile cutting fork lift platform, is a power connection outside as power lifting or loading and unloading lifting machinery equipment, mainly used in enterprises, chemical industry, municipal, electric power, transportation and other industries and fields engaged in high-altitude work. Easy to move, easy to use, easy to operate, large operating surface, wide range, good balance performance of the lifting machinery equipment, its shear fork mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform after lifting higher stability, wide operating platform and higher bearing capacity, so that the upper work range is larger, and suitable for many people to work at the same time. It makes working at altitude more efficient and safer. Is a wide range of USES of aerial work special equipment.


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