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Installation method of automobile tail plate

2020-10-19 10:01:24

Automobile tail plate of hydraulic principle figure _ _ automobile tail plate believe everyone for automobile tail plate is all have certain understanding, automobile tail plate is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, commercial, environmental protection, logistics, manufacturing and other industries, can greatly improve the efficiency of transportation and loading and unloading, cost savings, is one of the indispensable modern logistics transportation equipment, then you for automobile tail plate installation method how to understand? Let's take a look.


1. The tail light of a truck with a deadweight of more than 3 tons should be set flat at the rear of the car without pedals.

2. The upper end of the taillight should be at least 250mm lower than the floor of the car.

3. Taillights of trucks with less than 3 tons should be set vertically, and the upper end should be at least 250mm lower than the bottom plate of the truck.

4. The rear end channel steel connected to the bottom plate of the car shall be in the same horizontal plane and steps shall not be left.

5. The door buckle under the car compartment shall be made into a curved hook, which shall be fastened on the corresponding holes of channel steel. The channel steel shall not be made into a protruding door buckle.

6. The middle part of the rear baffle shall remain empty for about 1000mm.

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