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Maintenance of truck tail plate

2020-11-02 14:46:58

In modern logistics transportation, loading and unloading is a headache, which takes time and effort. Here we take a look at the daily maintenance of the truck tail plate:

One, daily cleaning tail plate

1. When carrying moving objects and liquid goods, leave debris stuck on the tail plate, pay attention to the main operating parts of the operating machinery, so as to prevent damage to the hydraulic parts of the core equipment, resulting in adverse effects.


2. When flushing the tail plate, do not flush the power unit and electric control box of the hydraulic tail plate with the high-pressure water gun, in order to prevent the circuit short circuit, resulting in circuit short circuit, damage to the core parts of the car.

3. After loading and unloading corrosion-prone articles and other toxic and harmful articles, wash them timely to prevent corrosion and damage to the tail plate.

Two, regular inspection and maintenance

1, the truck tail plate also has the use of runin period, just like the new car, (from the new installation of three months) and so on, do not go to the full load or overload action, so as not to cause friction damage parts.

2. Replace the hydraulic oil regularly to prevent the water in the hydraulic oil or the black of the hydraulic oil caused by too long use time.

3, should always pay attention to the hydraulic cylinder, oil source box oil leakage, oil leakage or black hydraulic oil, timely repair or replace the hydraulic oil.

4. For the battery in the car, regularly add battery water and check whether the battery terminal is oxidized.

5. Oil quantity in the pressure tank (place the lifting plate on the ground during inspection, and check the cylinder ruler oil quantity on the central scale).

6, the tail plate circuit contact and ground wire whether oxidation rust phenomenon.

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