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How to maintain the hydraulic lift

2020-09-12 17:29:50

1. Wiring: It is strictly prohibited to connect the wrong power cord. When wiring, see clearly whether it is 380V or 220V.

Two, can not adjust the overflow valve at will: in the use of the overflow valve at will cause the internal pressure ups and downs, if serious will shorten the service life of the motor;

Three, strictly prohibit overload: when using hydraulic lift, never overload operation, so it will bring the burden to the motor, so that the motor may be burned out; (Please consult the manufacturer about the overload protection device when you buy it, so you don't have to worry about the overload problem in the use process, and it won't be too expensive to add this device, so it will be safer to use later.)

Four, cleaning: regularly clean up the accumulation of ash or debris on the motor of the hydraulic lift, otherwise the long-term accumulation of ash will fall into the motor fan, operation will be very difficult;

Five, to avoid moisture: electricity related things are far away from the water more safe, avoid rain and snow weather in outdoor use, storage period should also pay attention to choose a clean environment, dry place;

6. Heat dissipation: Pay attention to the heat dissipation treatment of hydraulic lift during use. The temperature is too high, which may easily burn out the circuit;

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