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The advantages of car tail plate

2020-10-19 09:56:37

Automobile tail plate installation drawing _ automobile tail plate installation _ automobile tail plate is a kind of installed in the rear of the car, used car battery as the power, reduce the manpower, to improved work efficiency, reduce the load of the accident, I believe you for automobile tail plate there is a certain understanding, so specific known automobile tail plate for our benefit? Let's take a look.


1. Simple loading and unloading, which can greatly reduce labor. One person operation, easy to complete the loading and unloading.

2, simple operation, no need to start the engine, to the car battery as power, energy saving and environmental protection.

3, does not take up space, does not affect the load capacity, when and where, can be used.

4, hydraulic system drive, automatic lifting, safe and reliable.

5, one plate dual-use, can be used for loading and unloading goods, but also directly as the trunk door.

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