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National automobile tail plate identification standards

2020-09-24 09:32:54

Automobile tail plate has been recognized by the market for its fast, safe and efficient characteristics, which greatly improves the efficiency of transportation and loading and unloading. It is one of the essential equipment of modern logistics transportation. Tail plate has been used by more and more users, but there are still many vulnerabilities in the security of tail plate. We should pay attention to and attach importance to, make the starting tail plate industry more orderly development and growth. Among them, since April 1, 2012, China Automotive Technical Service Center has issued an "important notice on the implementation requirements of automobile announcement product update and new mandatory standard inspection project", requiring that newly declared products must meet the requirements of automobile rear sign inspection project. Although the installation of the tailboard logo for the new product is still optional from April 1, 2012, the tailboard must be installed on newly designed models

The standards of the vehicle standard board are as follows

1.1 A heavy vehicle signboard: it consists of alternating red fluorescent material and yellow reflective material in the shape of a rectangular signboard.

1.2 Long vehicle signboard: The frame is composed of red fluorescent material, the center of which is composed of yellow reflective material, and the shape is rectangular signboard.

1.3 Three types of heavy duty vehicle signboards: red and yellow reflective material strips are alternately composed, and the shape is rectangular signboard.

1.4 Four kinds of long vehicle logo boards: the frame is composed of red reflecting material, the center of which is composed of yellow reflecting material, and the shape is rectangular logo board.

Ii. Specific standards for tail plates of heavy vehicles:

2.1 It is composed of red reflecting material and yellow reflecting material and is mounted on the rear of a non-hinged vehicle (tractor or truck).

2.2 A set of signboards shall be composed of one, two or four signboards with reflective and fluorescent materials, with a total length not less than 1,130 mm and not more than 2,300 mm.

2.3 The dip Angle of diagonal bar is 45°±5°, and the bandwidth is 100 mm±2.5mm.

2.4 The logo panels shall be in pairs.

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