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Interpretation of national standard "Technical Requirements for Installation and Use of Crane Tail Plate for Vehicles"

2020-09-24 09:38:52

I. Background information

Crane tail plate (hereinafter referred to as tail plate) is a kind of lifting device installed on the vehicle for loading and unloading goods. In urban logistics distribution, vehicles without tail plate installation mainly rely on manual loading and unloading. In loading and unloading operations in places without platforms, it takes a long time or more loading and unloading personnel, which is not conducive to the improvement of loading and unloading efficiency, and at the same time, it is very easy to cause cargo damage and increase logistics costs.

With the development of China's logistics industry, logistics enterprises to vehicle installation tail plate demand is increasing. However, the dimensions and mass parameters of the tailstock and its after installation will affect the longitudinal strength, length size, leaving Angle and axle load distribution of the vehicle, which is related to the safety of vehicle operation. At present, the structure and quality of tail plate are uneven in China's market, so it is urgent to standardize the selection and installation of tail plate by vehicle production enterprises and logistics enterprises, and it can also serve as the technical basis for vehicle management departments to change the registration of vehicles.

Ii. Purpose and significance

This standard can guide vehicle manufacturers and tail plate manufacturers to carry out joint design to achieve optimal vehicle performance on the basis of ensuring that they meet relevant vehicle standards. At the same time, according to this standard and relevant management measures, logistics enterprises can choose and purchase tailboards that meet the standard, and carry out tailboard installation and change related certificates on in-vehicle vehicles. The requirements for relevant use in the standards are conducive to guiding the safety and standardization of operations of logistics operators, ensuring the safety of operations, and achieving the improvement of transport efficiency.

The release and implementation of this standard standardizing the production and installation of tail plate, ensuring the safety of tail plate installation and use, which is conducive to effectively supporting the logistics industry to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Three, main content

The standard specifies the tailboard selection and installation technology, use requirements, inspection and other aspects in the process of vehicle design. Among them, the tailboard selection includes the tailboard and vehicle suitability requirements, installation process requirements; Installation technology includes the basic requirements of installation and process, installation and arrangement of hydraulic and electronic control system, testing and marking requirements, etc. The operation requirements of the tail plate include the inspection before the tail plate is used and the operation requirements of the tail plate, etc. The inspection shall include the inspection type and applicable scope, inspection items, inspection methods and requirements, etc. In addition, the standard also provides informative appendices, used to guide the installation of the transom related specific technical requirements, provides the tail plate loading curve figure and safety operation region labeling, sign board at the back of the vehicle, the rear part of the body reflective logo, labels, enlarge brand sample layout area, regular inspection records, in order to standardize the installation and inspection of the stern plate.

The application scope of this standard is mainly the vans participating in urban logistics distribution, as well as the O3 type vans and O4 type vans that can be independently loaded and unloaded in the freight station yard in the future.

When installing tail plates, dangerous goods transport vehicles, cold chain transport vehicles or other types of vehicles can be installed and inspected according to the relevant provisions in the vehicle structure type reference standards, but they should also meet the requirements of the corresponding mandatory standards and regulations.

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