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The correlation of the cutting fork lifting platform

2020-09-24 09:21:19

I. Brief introduction of the lifting platform with scissors

Cutting fork lifting platform is the lifting equipment which raises the person or the object vertically. In addition, it also refers to the vertical transportation equipment of logistics system, such as factory, automatic warehouse, etc. Crane platform is mostly equipped with a variety of plane conveying equipment as a different height of the transmission line connection device. Generally speaking, the use of hydraulic transmission, namely the so-called shear fork lifting platform. In addition to the delivery of goods with different aspect ratios, it is generally used for aerial installation, maintenance and other practical operations. The characteristics of free lifting have been widely used in municipal maintenance, logistics center cargo transportation, architectural decoration and other fields. It is equipped with car chassis, battery chassis, etc. It can walk freely and its working height has been changed. It has the advantages of light weight, self-walking, electrodynamic start, independent legs, easy to use, large working area, etc., and can be rotated 360 degrees according to the roadblock.

Second, the classification of the cutting fork lifting platform

In the development of contemporary society, there are many kinds of lift commodities, and there are also many different classification norms. According to the elevator structure, it can be divided into: shear fork type hydraulic lifting platform, rail type hydraulic lifting platform, aluminum alloy profile shear fork type hydraulic lifting platform, sleeve specification shear fork type lifting platform, telescopic arm type high-altitude working car, bending arm type. Aerial vehicle. According to the exercise method of elevator car, it can be divided into: fixed fixed shear fork type hydraulic lifting platform, moving shear fork type lifting platform, self-moving shear fork type hydraulic lifting platform and car cutting shear fork type hydraulic lifting platform.

Three, how to customize the cutting fork lifting platform

The hydraulic lifting platform with firm structure and high quality characteristics must be measured and tested rigorously, and the structure of the reinforced beam and the load-bearing beam should be distinguished according to the specific application. The effective structure is conducive to the shear fork lifting platform with greater bearing capacity and more durable application.


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