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How to maintain the hydraulic lifting platform

2020-09-12 17:31:34

Speaking of hydraulic lifting platform we are not unfamiliar, it can provide us with high altitude work is very convenient. But no matter what equipment, after a period of use must be maintained, so what are the maintenance methods?

1. During repair and maintenance, the lifting platform shall fall into the pit at the bottom, and the power will be cut off. When the platform needs to be raised for repair and maintenance, power should be cut off, and measures should be taken to fix and firm the lifting platform table, prevent the table from accidental fall. When working at height, safety belts should be fastened and necessary safety precautions should be taken.

2. Check the hydraulic pipe joints and fasteners once a week to see if they are loose, and tighten them when they are loose.

3. Long-term disuse (more than one month), inspection and no-load test should be carried out before trial.

4. Clean oil suction filter net and solenoid valve filter particle net every six months.

5. When replacing or maintaining the hydraulic components, clean the surrounding of the cargo elevator, clean and blow the components, and temporarily block the inlet and outlet oil. The damaged components cannot be knocked against during the dismantling process, and it is strictly prohibited to mix dust, solid objects and water into the hydraulic oil system.

6. Lubricate the chain and wire rope once a month, and the specific time shall be adjusted according to the site environment.

7. Before each shift, check the oil cylinder, pump station, hydraulic pipeline and joint for oil leakage, and contact the maintenance personnel in time if any problem occurs.

8. Ac contactor should be replaced once a year, and the replacement time should be shortened when frequently used.

9. In case of wire rope broken strand or chain break, guide rail or platform tilt, motor sound abnormal or other abnormal phenomena during use, the operation shall be stopped and maintenance personnel shall be contacted in time for maintenance.

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