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4m2 light truck tail plate

2020-11-09 14:48:05
4m2 light truck tail plate

· product description

1. The giant lifting plate is a five-cylinder automatic balancing system product. The hydraulic system has an intelligent storage and memory function for relative positions, and the operation is more balanced and safe.

2. Easy to operate, no need to start the car engine, powered by on-board battery, environmental protection and energy saving.

3. Easy loading and unloading, one person can complete the loading and unloading of all goods, saving a lot of labor costs.

4. The main core accessories such as giant lifting tail plate hydraulic oil pump, DC motor, solenoid valve, hydraulic seal are all imported from foreign brands, with quality assurance, excellent performance, and almost zero failure rate.

5. The Giant series products are complete, suitable for the assembly of various car models, and special models can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

· Technical Parameters


Technical ParametersModel specification
Panel specifications1700x16001800x17002200x18002300x1800
1900x1700Can be customized according to the width of the carriage
Rated load (kg)1000150020002500
Own weight (kg)400450550650
Motor power (kw)1.62.0/2.2/2.52.5/2.83.0
Motor powerDC12V-24V/80AH-160AH
Support arm length600/750/800750/800/900/950
Inner width of bracket900900/1010900/1010900/1010
Applicable floor height700-1550
Lifting speed78mm/s
Choose oil46 or 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil
Working inclination5° to 8°

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