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Lifting platform and boarding bridge applicable to the industry

2020-10-13 18:01:25

Many people knew what platforms and embarkation Bridges were, but not everyone knew what industry they were using.

Lift platform

As a vertical cargo transport equipment, lifting platform is widely used in many factories. Mobile lifting platform is an indispensable mobile operation equipment in building cleaning, interior decoration and street lamp maintenance. Its shear fork mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform has a higher stability, wide table and higher bearing capacity, in the field of high-altitude work is expanding the scope of use, and suitable for many people to work at the same time, is the inevitable trend of the future development, so that high-altitude work more convenient, efficient, more safe.

And fixed lifting platform is more on the floor, factories, airports, docks, workshop and so on need to be fast loading and unloading of goods, directly from the ground, lifting, carrying goods to want an ideal height, convenient transportation and loading and unloading of goods not only, also greatly saves manpower, and provide the working efficiency, is also a modern goods one of the most ideal equipment for vertical transportation.


Cargoes according to the different use of market demand also is in the industry is divided into fixed and mobile cllimbing trolley for the yard, fixed cllimbing trolley is the special equipment to realize rapid loading and unloading of goods, especially suitable for the terminal, cargo platform, warehouse, shipping and other places to use, not only improve the work efficiency, but also guarantee the safety of the operation, is one of the key equipment in the warehouse freight auxiliary equipment now. The mobile boarding bridge is divided according to the market demand, so it is flexible and convenient to move, replacing the disadvantage that the fixed boarding bridge cannot be moved, which also improves the work efficiency and saves labor, especially in the warehouse, platform space, airport, factory and other places with wide space for cargo loading and unloading. Lifting platform, hydraulic lifting platform, fixed lifting platform

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