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Automobile tail plate maintenance knowledge

2020-10-13 17:39:29

Now a lot of trucks in the market are installed with the car tail plate, with the increase in the installation of the car tail plate, the relevant national laws and regulations will be introduced in succession, now choose a new car also added the installation of tail plate remarks, that is to say, the new car can be written provisions can have a choice of the installation of tail plate.

The increase in the installation of fork tail plate also brings a great market to the tail plate after-sales service. Due to the daily loading and unloading of goods, the use of tail plate for a long time always presents some problems. For example, the oil cylinder seal damage, oil cylinder leakage, contact electrical failure and other problems need to be completed by after-sales service. Is the car tail plate easy to repair and maintain?

Automobile tail plate maintenance is not complicated, the main parts of the tail plate is the electric control box, panel, cylinder, hydraulic pump, pipeline, electrical system. Panels generally do not appear big problems, possibly if there is no other reason for the panel is more solid, solid. After strict pickling, phosphating, shot blasting, paint and other surface treatment, neat structure, appearance of rust and corrosion prevention. In the whole car tail plate is easy to appear the problem is the oil leakage problem, oil leakage problem is a common phenomenon. There are many reasons for the oil leakage phenomenon, such as: the tail plate installation is slightly biased, resulting in the cylinder extrusion wear; Wear off the sealing ring, there is oil leakage phenomenon; Overload lifting cargo, causing damage to oil pump; Excessive addition of hydraulic oil, causing hydraulic oil leakage and other reasons.

1. The oil spill is not terrible, it is enough to find and solve the problem in time. Of course, for the truck master, it may not be so professional to deal with such a problem in time, but it can be solved by finding the problem in time and letting the manufacturer deal with it, or driving to the repair point to repair the problem.

2. The maintenance of the tail plate is mainly to replace more accessories, most of which are worn parts and easy to be damaged, while the tail plate surface is not easy to be damaged. All of them are welded steel plates and are solid and reliable. If you want to reduce the maintenance of the tail plate or replacement parts, choose large manufacturers, good quality of the tail plate manufacturing enterprises, not only to ensure after-sales service, but also to ensure the installation quality of the tail plate, is more cost-effective.

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