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Talk about the hydraulic rear plate of the main power - hydraulic pump

2020-09-24 09:26:07

At present, tail plate has been widely used by various transportation enterprises, and gradually become an indispensable part of the logistics system. Car tail plate, also known as hydraulic tail plate, is a vehicle battery powered hydraulic lifting loader, installed in the truck and a variety of vehicles behind. It can bring convenience and efficiency to users. Automobile tail plate mainly relies on hydraulic pump as the power to realize the lifting function, which has an irreplaceable important position in hydraulic tail plate.

Today we will learn about the hydraulic pump, the core power of the hydraulic vehicle tail plate. Hydraulic pump differential is a quick circuit to improve the speed of working parts without increasing the output flow of hydraulic pump. In essence, it changes the effective working area of the hydraulic cylinder. It must be noted that the directional valve and tubing channel of the differential oil loop should be selected according to the flow rate of differential operation, otherwise excessive liquid resistance will make part of the hydraulic pump oil flow back from the relief valve to the tank, even if there is no differential action, it will also slow down the speed.

The hydraulic pump in the tail plate of the vehicle can be converted at high speed and low speed, among which the fast lifting motion adopts differential connection circuit. When the solenoid at the left end of the reversing valve is energized, the left side of the valve enters the system, and the pressure oil output from the hydraulic pump enters the left chamber of the hydraulic cylinder through the left and lower positions to realize differential connection and make the piston move quickly to the right. When the end of the fast movement, the baffle pressure of the working parts on the motor reversing valve, pump pressure rise, valve open, the right chamber oil of the hydraulic cylinder can only be backflow to the tank through the speed control valve, at this time is the working feed. When the solenoid at the right end of the reversing valve is activated, the piston returns rapidly to the left. The differential connection method is simple and economical. And slow rise and fall is opposite with fast, basically have smooth, reliable wait for a characteristic.


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